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Valley Piggery in Los Olivos

The heritage-breed pigs at Valley Piggery are raised in pasture and woodlands in the idyllic Santa Ynez Valley. Their diet consists of GMO-free grain and legumes, the natural forage of their environment, and a wide variety of local, seasonal supplements.




“They have plenty of wide-open space to forage, root, and wallow – the daily pastimes that make for happy pigs,” states owner Jake O. Francis. “But don’t take our word for it, come out to the piggery and see for yourself. Valley Piggery is proudly transparent, and we invite you to know the source of your pork.”

Valley Piggery raises pigs in pastures and woodlands as they should be – in environments that nurture their need to root and forage. “We partner with local ranchers and farmers in the Santa Ynez Valley to employ underutilized portions of their land.” In turn, the rooting and wallowing acts as a more natural form of aeration or tilling, turning the soil, encouraging fertility, and keeping invasive non-native weeds and fire hazardous brush to a minimum.

All of the pigs at Valley Piggery are heritage-breed crosses – primarily Berkshire and Duroc, with some Gloucester Old Spot, Tamworth, and Hampshire in the mix. Valley Piggery fattens it hearty hybrids 2-3 months longer than factory-farmed pork, in order to develop the rich, marbled meat for which the heritage breeds are known.

The pigs are currently employed in an English walnut grove just outside of Los Olivos, where they are tasked with cleaning up the walnuts left over from the autumn harvest. They are in groups of 5 to 6, in 32’ by 48’ paddocks, and are moved to a new paddock every 8 to 12 days.




Valley Piggery, in partnership with Industrial Eats and New West Catering, invites you to better understand where your pork comes from. Not just the locale or the farm or the butcher shop, but where exactly a certain cut can be found on a pig. Francis explains, “We want you to understand the difference between a Boston butt and a sirloin roast. We want you to think about pork as much more than pork chops or bacon.” They are now hosting monthly Pig Workshops, held over a two day period.

For the ultimate picnic catering experience, consider a whole pig roasted on-site. Pig roasts are great way to bring people together and provide a delicious and unique experience.  Corporate Events, Family Reunions, Hawaiian Themed Parties are just some of the reasons to enjoy an on-site roast. Jake has provided his skills in roasting pigs for such events held by Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard and Refugio Ranch.



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