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Santa Barbara's guide to what's new and undiscovered for home and garden, entertaining, style and travel. The resource guide below lists local happenings, boutique finds, travel destinations, food artisans and design professionals.

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Plated Delivers to Santa Barbara

Plated wants to redefine the way America thinks about food & convenience. You shouldn't have to settle for greasy food when you're on a tight schedule. With Plated, you get fresh and flavorful ingredients shipped to your door - and ready-to-cook meals that can be prepared in thirty minutes. Every week featured chefs create five [...]

Santa Barbara Tamales To Go

When people think Mexico, they think tamales. They are perhaps the most emblematic food of their culture. Vendors set up their stands to sell these steaming delicacies for a hearty breakfast, a quick supper, or in-between snack. Tamales-to-go offers traditional-style tamales delivered warm to your door in Santa Barbara.     Two OLIVES in every TAMALE... "Our tamales are [...]