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Santa Barbara's guide to what's new and undiscovered for home and garden, entertaining, style and travel. The resource guide below lists local happenings, boutique finds, travel destinations, food artisans and design professionals.

Sollano 16 in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Sollano 16 was born out of a woman’s love for Mexico. Twenty-five years ago, Santa Barbara resident Anne Harte began an immersion into the business and academia of Latin American Art. Frequent forays from Mexico City to San Miguel de Allende made her fall in love with the city. An 18th century Spanish Colonial building beckoned and the store became a reality. She has created an exquisite environment for home and lifestyle for people who want to experience the magic of San Miguel de Allende.



Anne’s mission has always been to bring products into the country from all over the world that compliment her well-edited collection of Mexican furnishings and accessories.

Furniture and Accessories
Sollano 16 carefully edits its modern furniture with an eye on classic and elegant design. Cisco Brothers of Los Angeles is the mainstay for large, beautifully fabricated and stylish goods.



Accessories are meant to provide the completion of Sollano 16’s style. Companies such as Oomph, Holler and Saunders & Ankasa do just that. In addition…a carefully curated collection from Africa; from furniture to unique fabrics and tribal art.



Sollano 16 Antiques
Sollano 16 antiques are primarily Spanish Colonial that sublimely echo the ‘old’ Mexico and the rich history of South America. “We love their European counterparts too!” states owner Anne Harte. ” We sourced Spanish Colonial antiques when availability was still an option. Our philosophy maintains that the old and the new together are perfect compliments.”



Raoul Textiles
Santa Barbara based Sally Mcquillen has created some of the most beautiful hand printed linen textiles in the world. She is an icon of design and has generously given Sollano 16 exclusive Mexico representation. Sophisticated and colorful, Raoul unabashedly reflects the glorious light and hues of San Miguel de Allende and its surrounding countryside.



The Table…
Sollano 16 is well known for Chamba, the handmade black pottery from Colombia. From cook top to table, the pieces are functionally strong and aesthetically elegant. In sharp contrast is Astier de Villate from Paris, which is also handmade and finished with a milky white glaze that echos the delicate designs of 18th and 19th century France.  Laura Zindel Of Vermont, USA, has melded her training as a ceramicist with a love of the natural work. Think spiders on pitchers, butterflies on plates…




Designers Israel’s Nava Zahavi and  New York’s Stephen Vaubel have been featured at Sollano 16 since the store opened 25 years ago. Newly discovered jewelry designers are always in the mix, so inventory is constantly evolving.



Personal Style
Custom and one-of-a-kind handbags for women. Designers include Lance Wovens, Nicolle Aimee, Emily Rosendahl; sophisticated and functional.



Kenya’s Anna Trzebinski’s Pashmina shawls with flamingo feathers define the ultimate in luxury.

Santa Maria Novella for skin and scent. Note cards, decorative items and candles for gifts…



San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
The spire of the Parroquia is often the first thing the traveler glimpses. The balmy breezes and masses amounts of color may be the first thing one experiences.

This legendary colonial city entices people from all over the world, from its cobblestones to its decades old dedication to art, cuisine and spirit. Some never leave and many return over and over.



S O L L A N O  16

Sollano 16, El Centro, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico



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