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Peggy Markel’s Culinary Adventures

With two decades of experience in global culinary traditions, Peggy Markel personally hand-tailors each of her programs to lead her guests into cultural immersion, through the sensorial pleasure of food. Guests emerge transformed, embracing a greater awareness of the connection between themselves, other cultures, and the food on their plate.



Peggy’s interest in the delicate relationship of food and its origins began early. “For me, a connection to real food is a connection to life,” Peggy relates. She found kinship with the Slow Food movement in 1993, recognizing in it values that echoed her own. Slow Food aims to reorient our relationship to food and its production: Our actions must be in harmony with our surroundings.



Peggy sees that in this return to balance there is nothing lost in resources and a lot to gain in contentment and satisfaction. It’s a process about which she’s passionate: “It’s about real people, real food and real experiences. We break bread together finding our similarities rather than our differences,” she comments.

For the past 22 years Peggy has traversed the Mediterranean and North Africa, from Elban fishing villages and Moroccan markets to the homes of Tuscan artisans and chefs, furthering her own exploration of culture and cuisine.



On these journeys, Peggy saw an opportunity to design and direct her own brand of culinary tours in which enjoyment of the present place and moment plays a pivotal role. She offers culinary adventures in Italy, Spain, India and Morocco.

“When we speak of Slow Travel, we mean that particular experience of letting yourself merge with your surroundings: the pace, customs, mores and style of where you find yourself. It’s really about our willingness to let the world in, and see ourselves a part of it.”



Client Testimonials…

“Thank you for a glorious trip~ it was splendid all around. Your first class treatment was grand and very kind. It is such a treat to land in Marrakech to be swept away for 10 days of bliss!” ~ Lucy Penfield, Minnesota

“You made us feel, smell, taste, dance, laugh, cry, hike, sing, be in the mountains, be in the city, read poetry, meet wonderful local people and develop beautiful friendships between us!” ~Andriani Katsoni, Cyprus

“Being with Peggy in Tuscany is a rare treat. She leads extraordinary, classy, transcendent culinary tours…” ~ Lawrence Kampf

Peggy Markel’s upcoming culinary adventures include…


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