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P Space in Ojai, CA

Primitive, simple and contemporary, P. Lyn Middleton’s pottery creates hand-built, natural shapes, one-of-a-kind plates, bowls and vessels are high-fired, non-toxic and functional for food as well as display. Her glazes are usually neutral; sometimes shiny, sometimes matte. 




Her hand-rolled, one-of-a-kind plates, platters and bowls can be used as serving vessels, but each piece is a decorative
art form that stands on its own.




“In making a plate, I hand roll clay, place it onto a slump mold, cut and shape by hand. I might add handles (I don’t add feet, or not yet anyway) I soften the edges, flatten the bottom,” Middleton states. Objects are bisque fired and high-fired in a gas kiln by Larry Carnes at The Pottery Studio. “My approach is to be professionally responsible in delivering a high-quality, creative product that enhances one’s life experience.”




You can find Middleton’s pottery by contacting her in Ojai, or sign up for her blog that lists occasional pop up shows.




Natural objects are a great inspiration for both my plates,” Middleton explains. Her background in graphic design is also evident in her designs, with geometric patterns and contrasting textures defining her creations.




P   S P A C E
high-fired, one-of-a-kind, hand-built pottery

626.807.0054 / e-mail:


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