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Montecito Dwelling by DesignARC

The owners of this 1960’s single-story ranch house desired a fresh take on their out-dated, well-worn Montecito residence. Hailing from Toronto Canada, the couple is at ease in urban, loft-like spaces and looked to create a pared-down dwelling that could become their home.



As a remodel, the objective was to re-configure the extant floor plan completely beneath the existing roof. Re-establishing organization to the interior layout, the strategy connected all spaces to the outdoors.



Large pocketing sliding glass doors on either side of the Family Room, create an open-air breezeway out of what was once a
dark and secluded room.



Continuous ridge skylights bring natural illumination into the center of the house, and work to further erase the boundary between
inside and out.



The minimalist palette consists of essentially three materials: smooth-trowelled plaster, cementitious panels and fumed-oak floors.



With a color scheme of “one white” paint, the space is a polite backdrop to the vibrant relationship the family enjoys with the outdoors
and the mild Santa Barbara climate.



The DesignArc philosophy…

We believe architecture, at its core, is a dialogue. It is a building or space that is telling you something, making you feel a certain way or reacting to a specific human need. We celebrate and nurture dialogue between art and science, structure and emotion, material and context, environment and shelter, and between ourselves and our clients. Within these conversations, contrasts and relationships is where we find the new perspectives, evocative thinking and meaningful ideas that lead us to informed, insightful architecture.

While we share a sharp focus for the end result – beautiful, functional, purposeful architecture – our inspirations come from many different places, experiences and interests. And we use this to find new ideas, provoke fresh thinking and maintain an insightful understanding of the world around us.


DesignARC Santa Barbara
29 West Calle Laureles, Santa Barbara, California 93105
805 687 1525



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