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Leslie Lewis Sigler

Santa Barbara artist Leslie Lewis Sigler’s recent series of paintings, Relatives is a study of family heirlooms, tools and obsolete technology.


Artist’s Statement

In recent years, I have attended a number of weddings and funerals, as well as the happenings that surround them. By participating in these kindred events, I have become fascinated with the concept of family heirlooms. Various heirlooms—silverware, china, tools, and obsolete technology—seem to have an eternal shelf life. They pass through family generations.



Old gifts become new gifts, some polish nicely for use or decoration, some survive the purgatory of an antique store, some find new life at a yard sale. In this way, these items form a lineage that connects us to each other, through generations and geographies.



By composing portraits of these everyday and yet personal objects, I study their history, life, and lifespan in one moment by distilling the object to its very essence. The collection of portraits in Relatives explores this lineage that connects us.



The Silver series studies a family—or a species—of objects that vary in shape, size, function, detail and condition, not unlike a human family…or relatives. En mass they are a family portrait.

It is my intention that the paintings will provoke memories, evoke conversation,
and awaken forgotten stories.




Leslie has completed commissioned work of beloved heirlooms with stories of their own — a silver tea set that survived a wildfire; a single spoon from an aging mother’s silverware pattern; a young couple’s
antique wedding gift.

For those who might like to experience a cherished heirloom as a painting, please contact Leslie for more information.



L E S L I E   L E W I S   S I G L E R

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