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Santa Barbara's guide to what's new and undiscovered for home and garden, entertaining, style and travel. The resource guide below lists local happenings, boutique finds, travel destinations, food artisans and design professionals.

L’Aviva Home Online Shopping

L’aviva Home is a series of curated collections featuring handcrafted wares from artisans around the globe. The collections reflect the belief that the things we surround ourselves with should possess a soul, a history, and a purpose beyond mere decoration: they should help us connect to the world.



In textile and object, each hand-selected piece tells a story and evokes a sense of place.



Turkish Hammam towels
Also called Peştemals, these towels are traditionally used at the Turkish baths. Luxuriously large, each towel is hand-woven and finished with hand-knotted fringe. Ideal for bath, for beach and travel.



Indigo bedcovers…following the tradition of the Dogon people in Mali and Burkina Faso, each piece is hand-stitched and hand-dyed from natural indigo. The cloths are dipped in dye vats repeatedly over a period of weeks, imbuing rich color.

Alpaca Frazada pillows
are inspired by the bold minimalism of vintage Frazada blankets.  This collection draws upon one of the remaining vestiges of traditional Andean culture.



Shyrdak Felt features L’ Aviva’s ongoing collaboration with felt artisans in Kyrgyzstan. Felt art, known as Shyrdak, is an age-old tradition of the nomadic Kyrgyz people. Part mosaic, part quilt, the interlocking patterns and distinctive borders of Shyrdak combine to create a rich tapestry.

Ikat pillows
…in Uzbek, the term used for ikat is abrbandi; literally `to tie a cloud’. According to legend, the first ikat artisan drew inspiration to weave a shimmering, patterned cloth from seeing clouds reflected in a pool of water.



Bolivian Rosewood…Artisans in the Bolivian state of Santa Cruz take inspiration from the natural shapes and patterns of the rosewood (morado), gathered from certified forests. each of these organically-shaped vessels is one-of-a-kind, meticulously crafted following traditional techniques introduced by Jesuit missionaries who established themselves in the region in the 16th century.

Cameroonian Juju Hats are used during royal court affairs.  Tribal chiefs and dignitaries in the Cameroonian kingdoms wear a spectacular headdress known as the Tyn, or Juju hat. The feathers are symbolic of prosperity, and represent the wealth of positive qualities associated with birds. The pieces, which are woven onto a raffia base, splay out into huge circles and make impactful wall art.



Bolivian Frazadas…Vintage textiles, called frazadas, have been handwoven by Aymara women in the Andean region since pre-hispanic times, and used to protect against the high altitude cold. weaving of each frazada is done in two separate parts which are then sewn together; this central seam shows decorative details and colors that highlight the beauty of the tapestry.



Vintage Ikat Scarves from Uzbekistan, which lies along the mythical silk road route, boasts a rich and storied Ikat tradition. The ikat designs on these luxuriously large scarves are printed on swaths of vintage silk crêpe de chine, made in Uzbekistan during the soviet-era. During the early 1980’s, brides-to-be stashed this highly coveted fabric for their dowries, and that’s where L’Aviva Home found many of the brilliant pieces used to fashion these scarves – still tucked away in wedding chests and workshops in small villages throughout the country.



Granada Lanterns…These glass lanterns are made in a generations-old workshop in Granada, Spain. Each piece is hand forged, and reflects the influence of Moorish design that can be observed throughout the region.

New from the Granada Lantern Collection, Rombus Lanterns, with their multitude of diamond-shaped panes (‘Rombus’ is derived from the Spanish word for diamond), they carry the Moorish spirit of the Spanish city in which they are made,  translating it into a modernist silhouette.  These lamps are made exclusively for l’aviva home, in collaboration with a generations-old workshop in Granada, Spain.



“L’ Aviva Home is an outgrowth of the discoveries I have made in my travels and the people I met during my tenure as a creative director at Travel + Leisure Magazine,” owner Laura Aviva explains.

“It reflects the good fortune I have had of meeting master artisans around the world. I am continually touched by the magic of the artisans’ work – the rich intermingling of texture, time, and tradition, and how much can be communicated in a stitch, a color, a shape, a pattern.”


L’Aviva is located in Soho, NYC. Studio visits by appointment. 212.625.9605




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