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Invisalign Orthodontic Treatment for Adults

“Don’t ever feel that it’s too late to enhance your smile…a healthy bite is important at any age,” state Santa Barbara orthodontists Stewart White and Brett Grube. Today, more and more adults are seeking orthodontic treatment to improve their smile. Orthodontic treatment is not only designed to improve the appearance of your smile, but improve the health of your teeth and gums as well.



“In fact, about 25 percent of our  patients are adults. We offer a full range of treatments specifically designed for adults – leaving you with a dramatically different smile and healthier bite,” White and Grube explain.

By seeking orthodontic treatment as an adult you can possibly avoid severe tooth decay, gum and bone loss, irregular wear of the tooth enamel, and TMJ/TMD pain.



Often times, because adults usually are more compliant in their orthodontic treatment, their results turn out far greater than with a child and/or teen. By following the instructions provided by Dr. White and Dr. Grube, you not only increase your chances for amazing results, but could also shorten your treatment time.

“We offer a wide selection of braces to meet the individual needs and desires of each of our adult patients,” the partners comment.  “From traditional metal braces and ceramic braces to clear aligners that can be worn to improve mild cases of misaligned teeth, we are confident we can help you achieve and maintain the beautiful, healthy smile you’ve always dreamed about.”



The Invisalign System is a series of clear overlay templates called aligners that have been generated by computer simulation to gradually move the teeth. This system is available to adult patients with certain orthodontic bite problems. Schedule a consultation to determine if you are a candidate for the Invisalign system.


The friendly staff at White & Grube Orthodontics works as a team to ensure that your visits from start to finish are a  positive experience, with private consultations that include financial options, ongoing treatment assessments by both Dr. White and Grube.

Educational sessions with staff include proper dental hygiene and advice on post treatment care.

Schedule your free consultation today and start your journey to receiving
a beautiful, straight smile!

White and Grube Orthodontics offer two locations. Please contact the office for a complimentary and informative consultation at the location most convenient for you.


Santa Barbara Office
2950 State Street, Santa Barbara, CA

Goleta Office
164 Kinman Avenue, Goleta, CA

Phone: 805-962-7441    e-mail:



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