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Gianni Vallino Custom Lamps

Making every piece by hand, Gianni Vallino is a self-proclaimed “post industrial craftsman.” His one-of-a-kind lighting designs are created from found objects such as wheel hubs and other machine parts.



Gianno Vallino was born in Alba, Italy and has been living in Santa Barbara since 1993. He has been working with recycled and found-object materials building lamps, tables and other furniture since the mid 1980’s. Over the years, his work has evolved toward a refined, machine-age aesthetic. Each lamp is unique in design; singular lamps and chandeliers put together in whimsical ways in his Santa Barbara studio. He utilizes and eclectic array of recycled materials, from pressure gears to airplane filters.



Vallino’s main motivation is the re-use of objects that have been discarded by society. His fascination with material that have been rejected comes from a long study into the philosophical and aesthetic theories of the International Situationists, as well as the writings of Guy Debord, Jean Baudrillard and Walter Benjamin, who concerned himself not with the question of what politics a piece of art represents, but rather the politics of how it is produced.



Vallino see himself as an industrial archeologist and a catalyst for a new sensibility in which being “green” doesn’t involve wasting further resources, but recognizes the need for a reduction in consumption without sacrificing beauty and creativity.



Gianni Vallino’s work has been acquired by art collectors internationally and has been featured in numerous films, including Being John Malkovich, Solaris, Swordfish and Men in Black. He is represented at the Triode Gallery in Paris, a left-bank gallery specializing in one of a kind lighting and furniture. He was selected to participate in Bonham & Butterfield’s 20th Century to Contemporary Decorative Arts auction, which takes place bi-annually in Los Angeles and New York. This has placed his work in the “Collectable Design” category on ARTNET.



Vallino is represented at exclusive design stores, including Blackman Cruz in Los Angeles and Coup D’Etat, San Francisco and Raoul in Santa Barbara, CA.



Gianni Vallino Custom Lamps
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