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Santa Barbara's guide to what's new and undiscovered for home and garden, entertaining, style and travel. The resource guide below lists local happenings, boutique finds, travel destinations, food artisans and design professionals.

Virginia McCracken at Porch

Virginia McCracken is a Santa Barbara–based artist who creates small-scale assemblages, imaginary worlds inside boxes that are inhabited by paper mache figures. She designs evocative habitats for these creatures, some minimal and mysterious, others crafted like stage sets or rooms.     There are no explicit stories, although a hint of narrative is often contained in the titles. [...]


P Space in Ojai, CA

Primitive, simple and contemporary, P. Lyn Middleton's pottery creates hand-built, natural shapes, one-of-a-kind plates, bowls and vessels are high-fired, non-toxic and functional for food as well as display. Her glazes are usually neutral; sometimes shiny, sometimes matte.      Her hand-rolled, one-of-a-kind plates, platters and bowls can be used as serving vessels, but each piece is a decorative art [...]

Santa Barbara Artist Holli Harmon

With an emphasis on coastal living, a selection of artist Holli Harmon's new series of oil paintings “Apuntes” are inspirations for her recent “Go For It” series, “ Water “ series, and her latest, “Playing with Fire”.   Float Like a Cannonball/oil on panel, 6"x6"   Santa Barbara Artist Holli Harmon... "About 70% of the earth is covered by [...]

Gianni Vallino Custom Lamps

Making every piece by hand, Gianni Vallino is a self-proclaimed “post industrial craftsman.” His one-of-a-kind lighting designs are created from found objects such as wheel hubs and other machine parts.     Gianno Vallino was born in Alba, Italy and has been living in Santa Barbara since 1993. He has been working with recycled and found-object materials building [...]

Santa Barbara Artist Erika Marie Carter

Erika's inspiration always starts with her external surroundings, her travels to Central Mexico have greatly influenced her work over the past 12 years. While Erika's travels will almost always be apparent in her artwork, she also finds inspiration in her own backyard. The rich history of Green House Studios, located in the Funk Zone, has [...]

Dog Portraits by Jessika Cardinahl

Artist Jessika Cardinahl offers commissioned fine art pet portraits that are painted using your favorite photographs. An avid animal lover, she uses birds, wildlife and domestic animals as subjects in many of her fine art paintings. She embraces the exceptional connection between pet owners and their pooches and captures each subject's spirit in endearing portraits.     Following [...]