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Santa Barbara's guide to what's new and undiscovered for home and garden, entertaining, and fashion. Browse the resource guide below that lists local happenings, boutique finds and design professionals.

Lotusland Membership Benefits

Immerse yourself in botanical Nirvana while supporting an estate that has both historical and real horticultural significance. Become a member of Ganna Walska's Lotusland in Santa Barbara and enjoy a variety of special events and self-guided tours.     Help to preserve this oasis of beauty and tranquility for generations to come by becoming a member. Membership Benefits (for all [...]

CAPTURED 2 Annual Photography Contest at SBTC

2ND FRIDAYS ART @ SBTC's September show presents the 2nd Annual Photography Contest. Local photographers were asked to submit “Your best shot”.  Hundreds of submissions were entered to this year's contest. Twenty-two photographers were accepted and thirty-one images were selected for the competition.   Jayson Phillips/Scripps Pier   This year's Captured 2 competition has three winning categories: Best of Show, [...]

Daniel Grant at Wall Space

Wall Space Gallery in Santa Barbara presents Sand People, a beautiful series by Daniel Grant that exemplifies the surf culture, the pacific coast and a way of life many dream of.     No matter where you are in the world you will find those who chase the place where the sand touches the sea. It is in [...]

Joseph Donovan at Wall Space

Wall space Gallery is pleased to represent artist Joseph Donovan. His quiet, contemplative landscapes stem from his deep connection with poetry and literature, focusing on the shared connection between man and his surroundings.   Reflections on the Merced   Joseph Donovan follows in the footsteps of the great landscape artists of our time. Inspired by their connection to the [...]

Santa Barbara Artist Holli Harmon

With an emphasis on coastal living, a selection of artist Holli Harmon's new series of oil paintings “Apuntes” are inspirations for her recent “Go For It” series, “ Water “ series, and her latest, “Playing with Fire”.   Float Like a Cannonball/oil on panel, 6"x6"   Santa Barbara Artist Holli Harmon... "About 70% of the earth is covered by [...]

SlingShot Art Studio & Gallery

SlingShot is an art studio and gallery for artists with developmental disabilities who want to create and sell art. The open studio environment is designed to encourage creative expression. Each artists is recognized for their talent and artistic vision. The  gallery offers an exhibition space that fosters a supportive link to the Santa Barbara art [...]

Ryuijie Color Ice Forms at Wall Space Gallery

It's spring and Wall Space Gallery is pleased to have back in the gallery artist Ryuijie, showcasing his stunning Color Ice Forms to celebrate the vibrant and colorful season.  The subject matter is botanicals frozen in blocks of ice. The delicate nature of the flora is captured in stasis, locked in time and space.     The ice [...]

Santa Barbara Artist Erika Marie Carter

Erika's inspiration always starts with her external surroundings, her travels to Central Mexico have greatly influenced her work over the past 12 years. While Erika's travels will almost always be apparent in her artwork, she also finds inspiration in her own backyard. The rich history of Green House Studios, located in the Funk Zone, has [...]

Dog Portraits by Jessika Cardinahl

Artist Jessika Cardinahl offers commissioned fine art pet portraits that are painted using your favorite photographs. An avid animal lover, she uses birds, wildlife and domestic animals as subjects in many of her fine art paintings. She embraces the exceptional connection between pet owners and their pooches and captures each subject's spirit in endearing portraits.     Following [...]

Suzan Hamilton-Todd Studio

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Suzan learned at an early age that in order to survive emotionally, she had to draw on her imagination to craft her own peace in a concrete jungle. While traveling on the New York subways into Manhattan to attend specialized art high school, she began to draw nothing [...]

Leslie Lewis Sigler

Santa Barbara artist Leslie Lewis Sigler's recent series of paintings, Relatives is a study of family heirlooms, tools and obsolete technology.   Artist’s Statement In recent years, I have attended a number of weddings and funerals, as well as the happenings that surround them. By participating in these kindred events, I have become fascinated with the concept of [...]

Waterhouse Gallery in Downtown Santa Barbara

Waterhouse Gallery, located in Santa Barbara's downtown La Arcada courtyard, specializes in Plein-air landscape, figurative and still life paintings by leading California artists. The gallery offers work by artists who reflect the highest standards of quality and integrity within their chosen fields of painting. The gallery has a quality selection of original oil and watercolor [...]