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Barbara Parmet Levitation Series

Barbara Parmet has been combining multiple imagery with a camera for over 30 years. Her affinity for telling a story with pictures was galvanized by her first ten years as a photojournalist.


Levitation is the illusion of raising an object in the air with little or no physical support. The feeling is one of lightness, buoyancy and mystery. Barbara Parmet’s “Levitation Series” plays with these ideas by creating photographs of seed pods, shells, bones and stones floating in space. It is like a cabinet of wonders, without the cabinet.



“Seed pods dance in the air and fossils hover an inch above the dry cracked earth. All of these coexisting circumstances make possible an awareness of the vast interdependence of all things. Like the galaxies and the black holes that connect them, our imaginations are the glue that holds together our capacity to flourish on earth,”  states Parmet.



Each photograph is available in a choice of chromogenic or platinum print. The limited editions of 20 are printed on watercolor paper in 15×23 inch sheets.

All photographs are made with a Hasselblad camera and black and white film.

The large size is printed on 24 x 36 inch Hahnemuhle rag paper. Each print is a different shape, so the exact sizes of the images vary.

A smaller size is printed on 13 x 19 inch Hanhnemuhle rag paper.

Special order sizes available upon request.


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