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Airplant Frames & Vessels by AirPlantman Designs

Create a living painting from airplants in an amazing variety of colors and textures. A completely fresh look at the vertical garden, the AirplantFrame combines the elegance of airplants with modern design and easy maintenance. AirplantVessels gracefully suspend sculptural Tillandsia above an attractive selection of hand-made bases.


Designed by Landscape Architect Josh Rosen and 100% fabricated in California.




Lightweight, built of rust-free powder coated aluminum and hand strung stainless steel cable the piece is versatile indoors or out. Effortless to hang vertically or horizontally, combine frames to fit any wall, window or patio.

Easy to maintain, simply remove the lightweight AirplantFrame from the wall and submerge the entire frame with plants in filtered water overnight once a week, or spray thoroughly about twice a week.


AirplantVessels gracefully suspend sculptural Tillandsia above hand-made bases, celebrating the ethereal quality of these soilless plants.



Perfect for a tabletop or windowsill these living accents can be displayed singly or as a group. AirplantVessels are lightweight and low maintenance.

To care for the plant, simply slide the airplant and its wire holder from the container and submerge in water once a week for several hours.



A passion for design, attention to detail and a genuine obsession for all things airplant are just a few attributes that have gained Josh Rosen his title “Airplantman”.

Rosen is a seasoned landscape architect, airplant expert, and founder of Airplantman Designs.

Featured in private residences, commercial spaces, fine restaurants, and luxury hotels, Airplantman Design’s products are also available at select retail locations.



A I R P L A N T M A N   D E S I G N S

Josh Rosen

Visit the website to view portfolio and online shopping:


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