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Storage and Organization from Provisions

January brings a fresh start, so get ready for the New Year in a clean and organized home with help from Provisions. Natural cleaning supplies and well designed pantry storage is readily available from their online shopping website. Provisions is a collection of items for the kitchen and table, with a distinct style of combining vintage and modern.



These wide mouth canning jars hold 1.5 pints — perfect for anything from your morning coffee, weekday lunch…or favorite cocktail.



These sleek glass bottles are great for storing homemade juice, tomato sauce, soups, and large batches of preserves.



Ditch the flimsy laundry hamper, and invest in something that will last. This sturdy canvas basket has a simple, rustic look, so we don’t mind displaying it in our kitchen or laundry room. The steel bars make it nice and strong, and it’s even equipped with wheels for easy transport.




Is there a cuter way to stay clean and organized, than with these cloth napkins? Each set is one of a kind, and finished with a rolled edge. Choose from an assortment of colors and prints: either a color mix or a neutral mix.



The Riess Enamel Canister. This stackable canister is ideal for flour, tea, coffee, or sugar. Or granola. Or cookies. Or dog treats.



100% Biodegradable All-Purpose, Dish and Glass Cleaning Kit. With this cleaning kit, you’ve got no excuse for a dirty kitchen. The kit contains glass cleaner, dish soap, and an all-purpose cleaner. It’s a trio that covers all the basic cleaning you do every day, from rinsing dishes to sponging off countertops. Choose from non-scented or bergamot — both are biodegradable…so nice and gentle on your surfaces and dishes.


The beautiful, one-of-a-kind design of this handcrafted turkey wing whisk makes it an exceptionally effective sweeper. The intricately woven handle and its angled bristles are designed to get at those hard to reach places. Bonus: it makes an unusual piece of kitchen art when you hang it on your wall.

Truth be told, this broom is so fun to look at that it makes you actually want to sweep and clean!  It’s sturdy enough to work on any surface – indoor or outdoor. Long lasting and durable, this broom is definitely a conversation piece.

Be sure to check out a variety of organizational tips and products listed on the Provisions website under storage & organization and cleaning supplies.

Photography/James Ransom





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